Hand Made Mini Animal Toys – Ready for a big hug!


As a working mum I realize that actually I have only very limited time to share with my kids. Going early in the morning, and back home very late in the night. I wish I could change the time for longer during weekend, but the fact: 1 day is always 24 hours for every body, nobody has less and nobody has more. I am looking for the alternative way on how to improve the quality of time with the kids from time to time, since I could not make it longer or better in term of quantity.

Making toys for the children can be very fun, also can be consider as one of alternative to improve your quality of time with the kids. Since it made of felt, the toys will be very soft and very safe to play by your kids even for baby.
Let make a toy for them and see how your kid eyes enlarge, full of excitement and wait for them to say the most thrilling words for you ” I love you mummy. You are the best mummy I’ve ever seen in the world!!” Of course with the best kisses and hugs.

Materials/Equipments required:
1. Felt
2. Needle
3. Thread
4. Dacron/ cotton to fill in animal body.
5. White paper to draw
6. Pen/pencil
7. Accessories if you like.
8. Scissor

How to make it – step by step:

1. Find out what is your kid’s favorite animal.
2. Find pictures from any book, magazine for references. Cartoon picture is better, especially if you have problem in drawing the real life animal.
3. Draw the outline of your kid’s favorite animal.
4. Copy the drawing.
5. Cut the outline of copied drawing. To make it 3D, you need to make every part 2x and also consider to make junction part if needed to make it more real.
6. Copy every part on the felt and cut carefully. Consider the felt colour to match with your kids desire.
7. Take thread and needle (ideally the thread colour same with the felt colour to make it neat and tidy) Start your first sticth. Apply simple buttonhole stitch, to make it strong and not easily opened.
8. When you half done, fill in the body with dacron. Finish all the body.

Now ready for a big hug!!

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