My Sutera Bombay at Valencia… A confession of love..


When the morning sun returns.. enjoy the expression of nature. I always love to see my Sutera Bombay blooming close to my window every Sunday morning at Valencia. Bright and colorful. So vivid and passionate. One combination of colours to get a more restrained effect to my garden now can be achieved by mixing of 2 colours: bright pink and clean white. Combination of a brilliant color and pure white is the primary attraction of this garden scheme.

It said that if somebody send you this flower, he send you a confession of love.

Sutera Bombay – Portulaca grandiflora said is native to Argentina. Also known as Moss Rose, The Time Flower or Sun Plant. It has succulent leaves and brilliantly coloured flowers that open only in the sun. They need well drained soil. It performs well without any fertiliser – no special problem, but over watering causes rotting and death of plants.

This Sutera bombay is ideal for hot and dry spot in the garden


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