My Sunny Brighty Zinnia


Zinnias were common flowes I found in my childhood home garden in Bangli, a small town in the central of Bali. They gave my home garden the splashes of colour and seasonal interest. My dad has very passion for flowers and often asked me to help him to take care the plants, cut the old stem, watering, clean them from pest manualy… while my mum… she really happy to cut them and arrange them for offering or .. to beautify our rooms. Balinese and flowers, they are always together.

My mum in law has the same passion for flowers and always has something new and interesting she wants to show me every time I visit her. She lives in Sukabumi, Central Java– about 4hours trip from Jakarta. One day I saw vibrant colours of zinnias in her garden, remind me to my dad’s garden. She gave me some seeds and I sow them in my own garden. They are blooming today.

Zinnias come in a very wide colour range including red, pink, orange, yellow, cream, white, purple. They enjoy heat and should be grown only in areas where have plenty of sun. It can grow up to 1 meter or more, except the dwarf varieties. Zinnias must have well-drained soil, and  especially soils previously enriched with organic matter gives me best result. Zinnia are very good cut flowers,  so you can enjoy their bright colour in your room,  but be sure to change the water every few days.

Brilliant multi coloured effects can be achieved with zinnias by planting mixed colours at random. They give a great display of colour for the sunny garden and creates a multi coloured bed of flowers.

According to some sources, Zinnias are belong to Asteraceae family and the name of the genus derives from the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn‘s name. Zinnias originally grew as wildflowers native to the southwest United States, Mexico and Central America. So, eventhough it has it’s own name in Bahasa as “Bunga Kertas” they are not origin from Indonesia.

Growing  & Taking Care of Zinnias :
Generally, Zinnias are grown from seed ( In Jakarta you can get from Trubus or Mitra 10).  They need full sun and like rich and  well drained soil. Good soil quality will produce much healthier plants and flowers. You need to water and  give some fertiliser to make itgrowing well andblooming.Water Zinnias during dry periods, once or twice per week.  Soil should be moist, but not wet.
To take care of Zinnias, you need to remove dead flower blooms to encourage new growth and new blooms,  trim back stems that have grown long and remove plants once flowering stops.


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